Protect your family’s wellbeing with Best Doctors Premier Plus international medical coverage, with free choice of providers around the world, and preventive benefits.

Maximum Annual BenefitUSD $7 million
EligibilityUp to age 74
Hospital NetworkFree Choice
RoomPrivate and Semi-Private 100%
Intensive Care100%
Accommodation for Accompanying MinorUSD $300 per night, up to 10 nights
Reconstructive surgery in case of Illness or accident100%
Surgery (including Outpatient Surgery)100%
Emergency Room100%
Major Diagnostic Services100%
Surgical Treatment for symptomatic disorders of the feet100%
Cancer risk reduction surgery (Prophylactic surgery)$30.000 per Insured per Lifetime
Bariatric Surgery, Gastric by-pass, and any surgical procedure intended for eight loss, its complications, treatments$10.000 per Insured per Lifetime
Cancer Treatment100%
Emergency Dental CoverageOnly covered within the first 180 days of the accident
Physicians and Specialists Visits100%
Surgeon and Anesthesiologist Fees100%
Prescribed Medications100%
Preventive Care (Available in deductibles $500/$1000 and $1000/$2000)Not Applicable
Outpatient Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Home Health Care (private nurse)100%
Illness or injury in Private Aircraft100%
Surgical Implants or Prosthesis (excluded dental)100%
Durable Medical Equipment, Special devices (External Prosthesis, Orthotic devices)100%
Maternity***USD $5,000 (Available in deductibles $500/$1,250, $1,000/$2,500, $3,000/$4,000* and $5,000/$5,000**) per event, no Deductible applies
*Applies only for Mexico
**Does not apply to Mexico
Stem Cells***Included in maternity benefit
Maternity Complications and Birth Complications***USD $125,000 lifetime per Policy. A 10 month Waiting Period applies.
Rider USD $300 annual cost for additional USD $500,000 lifetime coverage.
(Available in deductibles $500/$1,250, $1,000/$2,500, $3,000/$4,000* and $5,000/$5,000**).
*Applies only for Mexico
**Does not apply to Mexico
Inclusion of NewbornAutomatically included without underwriting if born from a covered maternity and if not born of a pregnancy that is a result of any type of fertility treatment
Additional Benefit for dependentsNot Applicable
Congenital and Hereditary Disorders (<18 years old)100%
Congenital and Hereditary Disorders (≥18 years old)100%
Organ and Tissue TransplantsUSD $1 million per organ/ tissue per Insured per lifetime and USD $40,000 for medical expenses for the Living Donor
Specialized TreatmentsUSD $3,500 for treatments related to occupational therapy, psychiatry, sleep apnea and any other sleep disorders, per Insured per Policy Year
AutismCovered under Specialized Treatments
Routine Health CheckupUSD $200 per Insured, per Policy Year (age 18 and over) No deductible applies
Routine Health Checkups for Minor ChildrenNot Applicable
Palliative / Hospice CareUSD $15,000 per Insured after deductible
HIV/AIDSUSD $1,000.000 Per lifetime
Waiting period of 24 months applies
Coverage for Accidents while Practicing Professional SportsIncluded
Emergency Transportation
Air AmbulanceUSD $100,000 per Insured per Policy Year to the closest hospital of qualified treatment. No deductible applies
Ground Ambulance100% No deductible applies
Repatriation of Mortal RemainsUSD $50,000
Additional BenefitsIn the event of death of the Primary Insured, his/her Insured Dependents will have free coverage for two (2) years after the last paid period
In case of serious accident, as defined in this Policy, no deductible will apply for the first Medically Necessary Hospitalization, following the Serious Accident. Any subsequent treatment will incur the Deductible
Deductible will be waived up to a $5,000 maximum in case of an Accident or Emergency that occurs while the Insured is travelling outside of his/her country of residence
The Insurer will reimburse up to a maximum of USD $1,500 for the cost of a ticket in economy class to travel from the country of residence to one of the providers included in the Centers of Excellence Network in Latin America, previously approved by the Insurer
Coverage for accidents that occurred during the practice of professional sports100%
Coverage for accidents that occurred during the practice of high risk activities100%
Temporary Emergency coverage while application is evaluated$25,000
Coverage for Alzheimer disease100%
Unique ServicesInterConsultation™
Best Doctors Concierge™
Optional Coverage Available+ Critical Select
+ Maternity Complications
(Available in deductibles $500/$1,250, $1,000/$2,500 and $5,000/$5,000*)
*Does not apply to Mexico